February 24, 2011

Playing with audio

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Podcasting is one of the earliest tools and processes of the Read/Write Web. The ability to record and upload audio was one of the first shifts away from texts for several reasons. First, it's file size was naturally much smaller than video. For schools, it meant not having to worry as much about media release forms. I also think the power of the human voice is more compelling that we sometimes give it credit. 

I've been a big fan of both podcasting and audio books for several years. In particular This American Life is among my favorite. Wonderful storytelling combined with well designed audio make it a highly compelling format. Audio design is one area, I personally need to explore more. In the same way that it may be easy to record and upload 5 minutes of video that is of little value, the same can be done with audio. 

Sound is a wonderful thing. 


I never knew what a foley artist was. 

So for DS 106, we were invited to play with audio. Here are my efforts.

First I captured my Uncle Bill telling me how he ended up in veterinarian college. I don't get to see him very often but happened to spend a day with him earlier this week before ITSC. I turned on my italk app and was glad I did. Bill, if you're listening, hope you're okay with me posting it. For the rest of you, does this story resonate as compelling or is it simply that way for me because he's my uncle?


The second audio is simply a version of 5 card story or my own 5X5 video formats. Alan has much better sound and more interesting sound but I like this idea and am going to have to play some more. 




1. CNN during breakfast

2. Standing outside my Dad's condo
3. In the car, driving to the golf course
4. My Dad hitting the ball and complaining
5. Me wandering in the woods, looking for mine.