Wiring classrooms for Internet access does not enhance learning?

I was about to blog about this article, but Clay beat me to it. I hate it when really smart people write exactly what I was going to write first. 😉

I’ll simply respond to the statement,

Wiring classrooms for Internet access does not enhance learning.

This is where these studies and reports lose any credibility. What this statement suggests is that we’d be better off not having internet access in schools since it’s apparently of no value.  This statement is made when talking about students ability to recall a lecture. The words “recall” and “lecture” tells you all you need to know about the bias towards instructional strategies and teacher driven pedagogy in the study.  This reminds me of the work of Larry Cuban who determined that technology in itself does not improve learning. We get that. Technology is an amplifier of good teaching. A skilled teacher is what’s required. I just figured we’ve moved past that issue. Apparently not everyone has.