Top 5 Videos I created in 2007

Between personal and professional I created somewhere around 30 videos in 2007 ranging from a few seconds to some major time consuming productions. The more I learn about design and production, the more I realize how far I am from being very good. That said, I continue to learn and try to improve. As I’ve said many times, education is so text bias that even the great leaders and thinkers of the day and in my own network have not contributed greatly to the world of video. I continue to promote and model this because its emergence as a dominant communication form.

My definition of digital storytelling includes video but most gravitate to still images as an entry point which is fine and I encourage it. Video is time consuming and really hard to do well. Here are 5 of my personal favourites that I created this past year.

  • PA Palm Project….this was a wrap up of a project that I supported and wrote the grant for as well.
  • Jumping in Lake Michigan….personal video all taken with my Canon digital still camera. A great memory.
  • Feed Jake….my tribute to David Jakes. I created this in about 20 minutes during a keynote session at BLC. Fast but fun.
  • Design K12 presentation. This was a huge undertaking. Still so much I could have done better.
  • Flat Classroom Keynote….honored to be part of this project and was a good opportunity for me to take a presentation I did for adults, adapt it for kids and condense it.

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