May 30, 2007

Paying at the Pump

This post was last updated on September 5th, 2011 at 11:05 am

Today I was putting gas in my van and as painful as it was to pay $1.19 per litre, I did enjoy the convenience of paying at the pump. I watched the many patrons pump their gas and then march over to the tiny store to wait in line and pay for their fuel.

Jeff Utecht’s post today on Creating a Paradigm Shift brought my gas pumping experience to my mind. Jeff questions the optional use of technology in our schools:

…there use for many teachers and in many schools is still optional. The reasons range from lack of training, to poor connection, to not having the time to learn how to use it. It doesn’t matter what the reason is…the fact is in the majority of schools today…using technology tools is optional teaching.

Paying at the pump is optional at the station I was at. I know there are stations where it’s mandatory. The reason that many chose to stand in line and pay inside is fear, and TTWADI. When gas stations realize that it’s way more efficient and better to pay at the pump, users will have no choice. I can’t imagine ever wanting to pay inside short of a need for a coffee or snack but even then, there’s much better places for that.

The discussions around whether or not teachers can choose whether or not they use technology in their classrooms is beginning to lean towards no choice. For a while I was using this on my email signature, “Is a teacher who doesn’t use technology with students doing their job?” I got into a bit of trouble from some teachers who were offended by this saying that technology is not necessary to do their job. If by their job, they mean continuing do the same things they’ve always done, I agree. But if they want to provide students with the educational experience they need, they no, they aren’t doing their job.