October 18, 2006

Spreading the word and controversy in the Canadian blogosphere

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Today I had the privilege of sharing my thoughts on blogging with a group of administrators from our divsion. (I’ll podcast my talk later). I had some great conversations with these folks and am encouraged at the number who want their students to experience social and global learning.

I tried to emphasize the aspect of freedom and controversy that exists in blogging and how important it is to build authentic community. (I’m not sure I made this point well but I thought about it). To my surprise, I opened up my Bloglines account to find two rather steamy postings from fellow Canadians.

First Stephen Downes must have a bad morning as he wrote about the K12 Online Conference. Not that you have to always be nice but I had a hard time understanding his post. I like Stephen and generally enjoy his short but poignant postings. I know he’s had issues with the likes of David Warlick and that’s fine. I’ve enjoyed how he and David have engaged in some discussion about the disagreements but this posting lacked any depth or explanation and simply came across as mean spirited. I sort of get that he’s suggesting there’s some ego at play or perhaps he sees someone gaining financially because of it but I don’t see that. Also, he talks about reading blogs as a better way to gain this information. I agree, I’m not sure I’ll gain much from this conference but I think it’s more for those needing an introduction to some new stuff. I played only a small part in this conference but know that those building it were doing so only to provide a great opportunity to learn. Unless I missed something?

Then I read about MP Garth Turner getting punted out of the Conservative party for apparently breaching rules of confidentiality on his blog. I’m not sure what exactly it was and neither does Mr. Turner. I certainly hope it’s not for that. Like his politics or not, it’s evident after reading his blog that he is doing his best to be transparent and present an opportunity for everyone to have a voice. Of the 282 comments posted, I liked this one:

Shame on the PC party. You have allowed all voices, negative and positive on your blog. You are honest and open, something your party leader obviously doesn’t appreciate. While I am non-partisan, I have often read your blog and found it to be refreshing, interesting, informative.

So, for some, these examples will move them farther away from wanting to blog, for me it’s gets me more excited. Maybe that’s not normal.