September 25, 2006

Stop integrating technology

Recently I’ve tried to stop using the “integrating technology” term and simply talk about using it. Jeff over at The Thinking Stick provides a really nice example of this in his latest post, Technology: it’s what we do, not one more thing to do.

We need to get past the point that we need to understand how the technology works. We don’t! We just need to understand how it can be used in our classroom to enhance learning. The students will figure out the ‘how to’ part on their own. They live in this world, they are good at troubleshooting problems and finding solutions.

I’m sure I’ve said these exact words at least 3 times in the last month. Take an inventory of your classroom skills and interests and start using and building on the knowledge and expertise you already have access to.

On Wednesday, I’m spending the day working with 2 classes wanting to use video editing. Normally this would be a very easy day to plan for. However they are using software I’ve never used. I worked on a project today as a test and ended up using the help section for practically every task. I’m not planning on doing a whole lot more in preparing to use the software. The kids can figure it out themselves. I will spend the day talking and demonstrating the importance of storyboarding, planning and review the elements of storytelling. That’s what they need to know. Technology is the easy part. Learning is the hard part.

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