May 2, 2006

Lessons from the web: Building contemporary learning communities

As a preface, anyone who begins by praising the work of Lawrence Lessig deserves some attention.
Notes from Keynote, David Porter Campus BC at TLT 2006.
David Porter.jpg

We to focus more on transforming education rather than simply improving it.
Learners take on consumer like values as they consider their education: flexibility, accessibility and choice.

Teachers:Show me things that make my job easier, show me things that make learning better
Administrators: Show me things that scale, save money
Learners: Want immediacy, interactivity, personalization, mobility

Lessons from the web generation

  • Peer to peer
  • self publishing
  • collaborative tools

The question is how to we utilize learners consumer like mindset and not overplay it in order to maximize academic goals?

  • From Push to Pull…help students to contribute back content
  • From Targeting to Connecting
  • From Reacting to Understanding…polling and listening to what people need and want

Presentation available at

I was impressed overall with David’s presentation. He gets it and seems to be advocating for continued transformation in education.