The Posse has awakened

From the Posse:

Our hiatus is over! I hope you think it was worth the wait!

This conversation featuring the full posse – Alec Couros, Rick Schwier, Dean Shareski and Rob Wall – was recorded on December 14, 2005. Just the day before we recorded, I was in a meeting for developing an Information Literacy scope and sequence for the school where I teach. The teacher librarian and I were talking about blogging, wikis, RSS, podcasting and other tools of the read-write web, along with production technologies like digital video editing. One of the teachers in the meeting asked what was the point of having students do these things in school – I was so stunned to be asked this that I didn’t have a good response, so I posed the question to the posse. A very robust conversation was the result – EdTech Posse Podcast #013. (I even took the time to change the sample rate to eliminate the dreaded chipmunk effect.)

Releasing this podcast now is very timely – it seems like much of our discussion is complementary to some of George Siemen’s reflection in his short podcast Restructuring our Structures. If you like our conversation, I think you’ll like George’s podcast as well.

Shownotes for EdTech Posse Podcast #013 are in embryonic form as of this posting. Please nurture them that they might grow! (Unless you are a spammer, in which case I have reserved a special place in Hades just for you!)

We’ll be doing a presentation on May 1st at the TLt Conference. More to come on that.