October 19, 2005

iPods become music to teachers’ ears

iPods become music to teachers’ ears
“At Jamestown Elementary School in Arlington,
Camilla Gagliolo took another approach. Rather than fighting the fad, she’s capitalizing on it by giving students iPods and re-imagining them
as a learning tool.”

Podcasting reintroduces not only an old technology but I think an area of our curriculum that has been overshadowed by our emphasis on writing. My experience is that speech writing and making have taken a back seat in the classroom. Even as it relates to technology, students use of IM has become a major form of communication. We all knew that as technology evolved it would include increase use of audio and video. With podcasting and portable audio devices, this is now reality. The ease at which we can not only record and edit audio but more importantly subscribe to audio makes this form of communication one that teachers need to embrace.

This article should get us all excited to begin to get our kids to talk and listen.