What’s Happening? Education and COVID 19

This podcast series was recorded in the spring of 2020 as educators shared about their experience with Covid19. This map will allow you to see the various locations of those I’ve interviewed. Click the podcast icon and it will link to the specific podcast post.

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Links to Blog Posts

4a6What’s Happening? Pernille Ripp: Wisconsin May 28, 2020
4a5What’s Happening? Andrew Mead: ManitobaMay 20, 2020
4a4What’s Happening? Erica Phillips: Nova Scotia May 19, 2020
4a3What’s Happening? Susan Enfield: WashingtonMay 13, 2020
4a2What’s Happening? Ann Michaelsen: Norway May 10, 2020
49rWhat’s Happening? Michelle Baldwin: Colorado May 08, 2020
49pWhat’s Happening?: José Vilson: New York May 03, 2020
49oWhat’s Happening? Melissa Emler: WisconsinMay 02, 2020
49nWhat’s Happening? Eric Langhorst: Missouri Apr 30, 2020
49lWhat’s Happening? Alaina Trott: Virginia Apr 27, 2020
49kWhat’s Happening? Amy Fast: Oregon Apr 23, 2020
49iWhat’s Happening? Allison Curry: Alaska Apr 19, 2020
49hWhat’s Happening? Solange Prudente: GuamApr 16, 2020
49fWhat’s Happening? Carla Pereira: Ontario Apr 13, 2020 
49eWhat’s Happening? Chris Layton: TennesseApr 09, 2020 
49dWhat’s Happening? Monise Seward: Georgia Apr 07, 2020
49cWhat’s Happening? Jarrod Lamshed: Australia Apr 06, 2020 
49aWhat’s Happening? Jabiz Raisdana: Singapore Apr 05, 2020 
499What’s Happening? Chris Kennedy: British ColumbiaApr 05, 2020 
497What’s Happening? Rachael Postle-Brown: MichiganApr 04, 2020 
496What’s Happening? Josh Stumpenhorst: Illinois Apr 03, 2020 

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Also, my co-author, Dr. Scott McLeod, has started a similar podcast, The COVID Chronicles which is focused a little more on leadership. Check it out!