Back to School Outfit

This post was last updated on September 5th, 2011 at 11:03 am

It seems every year that clothes gets put on the back to school supply list. Not by the school but by Mom’s and kids. (sorry for being sexist, I just don’t know of any men who think their kids need a whack of clothes to start school) I remember when I was a kid, you had to be very careful not to wear your new clothes too early for fear you might be called out for appearing too anxious and taken out to the back of the school yard. It was cool to wear something a little tattered. In fact, wearing an "outfit" was often the equivalent of wearing a "kick me" sign.

However, I’ve matured and I guess times have changed. So in the spirit of back to school makeovers and outfits, I’ve decided to put some new paint on my blog and go for a different look.

I wanted something a little cleaner, and more magazine style. I think the blog format of constantly having new work posted first, has its limitations. Subscribers see the new stuff via RSS but the newcomers often are unfamiliar with … Read the rest