PLP Opportunity

I’ve been fortunate enough the last two years to work as a Powerful Learning Practices Community Leader.

I’ve played the role of utility man or 6th man depending on your sport of choice. It’s been enjoyable and has been a great personal learning experience both from a community building standpoint as well as simply connecting with passionate educators.

Sheryl and Will are now in the process of gathering new cohorts for the next school year. This is a great opportunity for schools and districts to move their practice forward.

PLP is not about technology and it is not about tools. While both of these things play a central role in the school and the curricula of 21st century focused learning, PLP is about pedagogy and teaching and learning. There are opportunities for both schools and school leaders to take part.

Specifically, I would like to see a cohort here in Saskatchewan. I’m fully aware of the power of this experience and would love to see some of our divisions and schools take advantage of this not only for personal professional development but to build connections on a provincial basis. If you at all interested in that, contact me and I’d … Read the rest