366 Days of Photos

If there’s anyway to summarize a year, this might be the best way. Thanks to D’Arcy Norman for encouraging this, I joined several others in attempting to shoot a photo a day for the entire year.

This was a fascinating endeavor.  I learned a number of things, some which I can articulate and some I’m sure are impossible to assess, quantify or measure. For the record, here are a few things about the project:

  • I uploaded 2164 photos to flickr this year.
  • I shot the most in June (395) and the fewest in November (65)
  • I was able to shoot a photo and upload almost everyday. I did miss a few this fall and winter but used a photo from a previous day about 10 times.
  • I shot most with my Canon SD 750 but also used my wife’s, daughter’s, father-in-law’s, my cellphone, a few screenshots, movie captures and scans. In particular I began using my iphone quite a bit since I got it in September. I usually carry my camera with me at all times.
  • This was my most viewed photo.
  • I look at my photos a lot.
  • This photo received the most comments.
  • This and this were my favourite from a composition standpoint.
  • This graph shows how my photos were composed.


I’m not sure I’m going to do the same next year but I’m glad I did this in 2008. I know I shoot way better photos, look for great lighting, interesting angles and simply appreciate the world around me.  Many of my friends and family were aware of my project and began offering ideas for a great photo. Having a year of our lives captured so well is something really valuable.

If you’ve got a spare 27 minutes have a watch and listen. I used my daughter’s music as a soundtrack. At present I have the original so it may take a while to load.  Press, play, then pause and let it load. Go visit another site and comeback in a few minutes.

A Year in Photos from shareski on Vimeo.
Update: After watching the DVD of my photos with friends and family, they’ve encouraged me to do it again this year. In fact, my wife and daughter want to try it for themselves.

For Saskatchewan Eyes Only

It’s not really for Saskatchewan eyes only, I just say that because it’s not likely those from outside the province or for that matter outside Moose Jaw would be interested.

My daughter is doing a concert on July 19th. If you like Nora Jones/Diana Krall/Joni Mitchell  you’ll like Meredith. Ticket information below. For those outside the area,  I might stream it but am not sure of the internet availability.

Dr. George Falk

On Monday, June 2nd, we lost a great man, Dr. George Falk. George was a great leader in education in our province who had a profound impact on many lives. George love of drama and music as well as special education will leave a legacy most of us could only hope to have.

George was a personal friend and mentor to my eldest daughter. I spent much of the day producing a 12 minute video for the funeral which will be held Sunday afternoon. Here’s a snippet of the that video that includes the song my daughter wrote especially for George.


As a man of faith, George leaves us for a better place. He will be missed but not forgotten.