366 Days of Photos

If there’s anyway to summarize a year, this might be the best way. Thanks to D’Arcy Norman for encouraging this, I joined several others in attempting to shoot a photo a day for the entire year.

This was a fascinating endeavor.¬† I learned a number of things, some which I can articulate and some I’m sure are impossible to assess, quantify or measure. For the record, here are a few things about the project:

  • I uploaded 2164 photos to flickr this year.
  • I shot the most in June (395) and the fewest in November (65)
  • I was able to shoot a photo and upload almost everyday. I did miss a few this fall and winter but used a photo from a previous day about 10 times.
  • I shot most with my Canon SD 750 but also used my wife’s, daughter’s, father-in-law’s, my cellphone, a few screenshots, movie captures and scans. In particular I began using my iphone quite a bit since I got it in September. I usually carry my camera with me at all times.
  • This was my most viewed photo.
  • I look at my photos a lot.
  • This photo received the most comments.
  • This and this were
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For Saskatchewan Eyes Only

It’s not really for Saskatchewan eyes only, I just say that because it’s not likely those from outside the province or for that matter outside Moose Jaw would be interested.

My daughter is doing a concert on July 19th. If you like Nora Jones/Diana Krall/Joni Mitchell¬† you’ll like Meredith. Ticket information below. For those outside the area,¬† I might stream it but am not sure of the internet availability.

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Dr. George Falk

On Monday, June 2nd, we lost a great man, Dr. George Falk. George was a great leader in education in our province who had a profound impact on many lives. George love of drama and music as well as special education will leave a legacy most of us could only hope to have.

George was a personal friend and mentor to my eldest daughter. I spent much of the day producing a 12 minute video for the funeral which will be held Sunday afternoon. Here’s a snippet of the that video that includes the song my daughter wrote especially for George.


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