Things That Suck

Cross posted at Discovery Canada.

One thing that is wonderful about my work with Discovery, and there are many, is that I get to try out a lot of stuff. I was invited to present at LearnEast in Fredericton, New Brunswick which is a free conference for educators put on by Bryan Facey and Jeff Whipple. These guys do a great job and offer a top notch day and a half for teachers. They asked me to Keynote and offer some sessions. When I asked what they wanted, they said, "whatever you like". Dangerous response. 

I'd seen the "Things that Suck" session a few times posted as part of a few EdCamp sessions and was able to see it in action previously under the direction of Carl Hooker. Carl did a great job of engaging folks to open a conference and using it to spark some great conversation about controversial topics. I think it sets a great tone for civil discourse and exploration and sharing of diverse opinions. I thought I'd use LearnEast to take it for a test drive. I think it was an enjoyable drive. 

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