ECMP Pecha Kucha Reflection

This is my second pecha kucha attempt. Last spring I used it for this class as a wrap up and felt it was quite successful and insightful.  My last class is on December 3rd but I thought I’d better model one for my students.

While I tried using the Keynote recording function, I was having trouble exporting to Quicktime and retaining the sound. Not sure what I did wrong. The flash export worked well but when I went home to record, not having a second screen meant not seeing my speaker notes. Doing it “off the cuff” ended up with too many “ums” and “ahs”. Just another reminder of the power of planning and the challenge of audio recording. When you’re under a time crunch you can’t afford to stray.

I finally exported the sans sound quicktime and added the narration in iMovieHD.