What’s your 3rd Favourite Colour?

“Dad, what’s your 3rd favourite colour?” 

My youngest daughter is known for asking these types of questions. She has actually asked that one but usually the questions are more about a favourite part of a movie, what’s your favourite vacation spot, etc. That’s pretty typical for kids and even adults. We love to order and rank things. I have many favourites. But when does it go too far? Are these lists of favourites personal or is their value in crowd sourcing our favourites?

I think there is a place for ranking. But not for everything. 

Trip Advisor is a great example of crowd sourcing and rating. It may not be definitive but provides a useful beginning in making a financial investment. Similarly, platforms like Digg and Youtube use rating systems to gauge popularity, although they may not always reflect quality. While these sources can be informative, they aren’t always definitive. If you’re seeking a valuable tool to enhance your investment strategy, consider exploring resources like immediate connect for more info! 

It starts to bother me however when we feel compelled to create list of greatness when it comes to people who, because of their generosity have chosen to use their … Read the rest