Stuff we talk about but don’t do

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Nuns with classToday at our Saskatchewan Curriculum Renewal workshops we were introduced to many of the new concepts and philosophies of the new curriculum. The intent of the curriculum is to reduce outcomes, provide common language for all curricula, focus more on learning than on teaching and focus on depth of understanding instead of only breadth.

There was a lot of talk of big picture thinking and encouraging teachers to reflect on why they teach what they teach. Early on someone mentioned the goals of education. With some recent discussions on the purpose of education, I thought it pertinent to look up the 9 goals of education for students in Saskatchewan.

Basic Skills

• Read, write and compute

• Acquire information and meaning through observing, listening, reading and experiencing

• Process information through intellectual and technological means

• Solve problems by applying basic principles and processes of the sciences, arts and humanities

• Communicate ideas through written and spoken language, mathematical symbols and aesthetic expression

Life-Long Learning

• Seek and value learning experiences

• Act as self-reliant learners

• Base actions on the knowledge that it is necessary

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