What the Web is For

Not that this is the definitive reason for the web but certainly the potential for collective action for good needs to be emphasized and highlighted as teachers and schools work with students to move beyond the “looking up stuff” mentality.

Tom’s shoes (thanks to a tweet by Terry Storch) is a great example of corporations willing to do things differently.

This reminds me of efforts like, The Water Buffalo Story, Carrot-Mobs, Kiva and Give one Get one Laptops. Clay Shirky’s book details how this happens and while the corporate examples aren’t all about philanthropy, it is exciting to see businesses thinking differently. Consumers need to think differently. Schools need to think differently too. The groundswell of support that is enabled via the web makes these efforts possible. Is there a portal that collects these types of works? A tag? We need to collect these examples and begin to show our students how a shifting landscape of information and sharing can lead to new and positive change.

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This might work…proactive group action

I’m not much of an environmentalist although I recycle a bit and am trying to be more aware but this video raises many interesting questions and ideas.

Carrotmob Makes It Rain from carrotmob on Vimeo.

Carrotmob takes Tuangou (group buying for discounts) to a more altruistic level.

Very Shirykesque wouldn’t you say? I recall Shirky stating to 토토사이트 bloggers (sorry I can’t find the page number) that although group organization is now ridiculously easy, that most organizations were reactive rather than proactive. This is the type of thing that illustrates the ability to be proactive. The democratization of economics is one idea that I hadn’t really considered. The monopolization of companies in reality or practice doesn’t need to exist.

I’m looking forward to seeing passionate, connected teachers leading students in group formation that changes our world.