EdTech Posse 7.2

Really has it been almost 6 months since we last recorded? That's bad. 

But it's great to chat again with the posse. As an added bonus we took over #ds106radio and recorded it live. Alec, Heather, Rob and I are joined by my daughter Meredith as she talks about her new book. Alec shares a bit about his recent trip to Australia and Heather and I talk chat a bit about my new gigs. 

If you like silliness and seriousness all mixed together, you might enjoy this. 

Oh, by the way, if you're wondering about image I used, you'll have to listen, at least to the first 5 minutes. 

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Course and Instructor Evaluation

For my pre-service teacher course I created this survey as my final evaluation.  15 out of 18 students responded.  Given they did not know it was an online and for most, they thought this would be basically a “how to use software” class, the results were fairly pleasing.  By the way, I loved how Google forms created a nice summary of my evaluation.

I also asked what ideas/resources they will continue to use. Here are a couple of responses.

  • I’m not to sure what I will continue to use as time goes on, but I do know that I appreciated my blog, but I don’t always have stuff to say so I will like not being marked on the content. I will also continue to use my Igoogle I have created as well as all of the other aspects of google. They will be significant in the classroom.
  • Google: igoogle, reader, earth, maps; I will continue to visit the classes I was mentoring; I will hopefully keep up with my blog; i will have a class blog in my classroom, and use the computers there often once I’m teaching; this class helped me to become familiar with many, many things
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