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The What’s Happening? Podcast

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I’m a bit of a cart-before-the-horse kinda person. As well as a #seatofmypants gu.

Sitting in numerous zoom calls, reading twitter feeds and other sources, it became clear that while we’re all dealing with the same kinds of issues, everyone is highly curious as to how each school, district, state, province or country is dealing with Covid19.

While seeing all this unfold, I decided within about 10 minutes to start a podcast. Having played in the podcast world for over 15 years. (BTW, shout out to the EdTech Posse) I thought I’d dust off my snowball microphone, revisit my Spotify and Apple Podcast feeds, noodle around with a few technical things and go.

As usual, I realized a bunch of things I hadn’t thought of or done and one of those things is a trailer or some way to introduce this to folks who don’t easily subscribe to podcasts or the #seatofmypants approach.

I’m excited to do this and already have educators from Australia, Singapore, China as well as the US and Canada. I have teachers, librarians, principals, Superintendents and other educators ready to share their perspectives and provide some insight and hope to a very challenging time in education.

So with that here’s my trailer. As you’ll hear, I give another shout out to my co-author, Scott McLeod who I find out only after launching mine that he’s been doing a similar podcast for a week or so. So here’s the trailer.