Weird and yet engaging

We all know the internet is a weird place. Here are two very odd sites that I came across recently. One is called Nobody Here. I can't really figure it out but it's quite captivating. I'd like to know what others think about this one. The other one I believe has some mathematical usefulness. ...… Read the rest

Personal, portable computers for everyone

How long before everyone has some type of wireless portable computer. MIT is currently working on developing a laptop for under $100. The intent is to provide 3rd world countries with technology. A High School in Arizona is replacing textbooks with laptops. Every student gets a laptop and the cost isn't going to be ...… Read the rest

Let’s get this right!

The power of the internet is hard to understand sometimes. Working with students at King George on Wednesday, they were determined to achieve perfection. As we were shooting segments for their news broadcast, they kept wanting to redo scenes over and over again. I finally had to tell them we only have so much ...… Read the rest

Stumble….a cool way to find new stuff

I've been using FireFox for a few weeks now and I have to say I'm hooked. I'll be mentioning it at my session "a few of my favourite things" at the Moose Jaw Teachers' Convention at the end of the month. FireFox is an excellent browser for many reasons. One of my favourite features is ...… Read the rest

Geocaching and my 73 year old father

My dad turns 73 this month. For Christmas, I bought him a GPS or Global Postioning device., I've now got him hooked on geocaching. Geocaching is like a big game of hide and seek but there's more to it. He has found over 10 caches in his winter home of Lakeland, Florida. He planted his ...… Read the rest