He didn’t get it 1997 and he doesn’t get it now

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Fuzzy Zoeller is perhaps best known for his racist remarks made during the 1997 Masters golf tournament when he made some derogatory remarks about Tiger Woods. He claimed he was misunderstood. Tiger forgave him but the comments made haunt Fuzzy. Now Fuzzy is upset because of some comments made on wikipedia. He wants to sue.

Fuzzy and his lawyers don’t seem to grasp how wikipedia works. The comments made against him have been removed but like many wikipedia articles may return. Wikipedia does a great job of identifying pages that are controversial, have been vandalized, or aren’t very good. If everyone sued every malicious item posted on wikipedia or the internet for that matter…..well you complete that sentence.

Fuzzy you just can’t do that. Maybe you should do what Tiger did back in ’97….forgive. Or better yet, go change the article yourself.

Update: I see USAToday has referenced my post as well as included links to the official legal documents.
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Podcast 21….Kathy goes to Philly

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Kathy Cassidy is on a whirlwind tour. It began with a trip to Saskatoon this fall as the winner of the provincial award for computers in education. Then she was off to Philadelphia as one of 5 teachers honored as a Microsoft Innovative Teacher Award. Next she’s off to Cambodia.

This is a short interview on her trip to Philadelphia. Unfortunately, there is little online information about this program and conference as it relates to Canadians, so thus, no show notes. Have a listen.

As well, her latest class project is an attempt to help her students understand what “1,000” means. Please add your name to her wiki.


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Spreading the word

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I’ve had the opportunity to share the “news” about social software/web 2.0/Read Write Web (choose your favourite term)  to some groups other than classroom teachers. In the past month I’ve done two workshops for our provincial teachers’ association. One to the local teacher association groups and the other to the special subject councils.

The message is virtually the same but it’s nice to discuss the use of these tools outside the classroom application.
This week I also begin a series of 3 workshops on digital photography as part of our community courses.

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‘Cause newspapers are never wrong

Dave Weinberger writes about the credibility of wikipedia even more passionately than I do.
He points out that wikipedia’s openness about their accuracy makes them more trustworthy. He talks about the various notices that begin many articles.

Weinberger asks:

So,why is it that you don’t see such frank notices in traditional sources such as newspapers and encyclopedias? Is it because their articles don’t ever suffer from any of these human weaknesses? Oh, sure,newspapers issue corrections after the fact, and “This is non-neutral opinion” is implicit on the Op-Ed page. But why isn’t there any finer grain framing of the reliability and nature of what’s presented to using their pages? Can we come to any conclusion except that traditional authorities are more interested in maintaining authority than in helping us reach the truth?

Wikipedia at the least, encourages us to be critical thinkers. I know when I go there, it may be inaccurate. I’m okay with that. Let’s help our kids not to be brainwashed by the media into believing everything they read and see.
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