Web 2.0 Barriers Results

While the survey will continue to be open, I’m going to analyze the results received.

37 Respondents ranging from administrators, consultants, coordinators and teachers. Overall I nice cross section of folks within K-12. Here are the results including my own observations for whatever they’re worth:

How did you first come to start using Web 2.0 tools?

a. colleague introduced me 13%
b. personal exploration 54%
c. workshop/presentation 22%
d. other 11%

This tells me that no matter how time we spend promoting the value of these tools, that ultimately people need to spend time on their own sorting things out. Perhaps the question might have also been phrased, “How did you first come to hear about Web 2.0 tools?” The conference/presentation item may have represented a greater number. In any case the learning that is crystalized for me is help provide time for exploration. Many of these I’m sure where a result of grad classes that was also mentioned 3 times from the other category.

Which Web 2.0 tool is most important to you?

a. blogs 27%
b. rss 41%
c. wikis 8%
d. podcasts 3%

e. social bookmarking 5%
f. other 16%

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Open Book

Okay Steve, you asked for it! There’s probably some others out there but here’s what I came up with. Sort of listed in order of activity but not really.
Online Presence:

IM Presence:

  • Skype…dean_shareski
  • MSN Messenger…rarely used
  • Google Talk


Group Blogs

  • Conversations on Learning
  • Edtech Posse
  • Hillcrest Church
  • Eyes Right
  • MSN Messenger...deanshareski@hotmail.com


  • Hillcrest Church
  • Eyes Right
  • Tagging....Kelly, Barbara, Doug, Quentin, and Clarence

    Photo Attribution:

    Image: Open Book Open Book

    [tags]socialnetworks, teach42, shareski, openbook[/tags]

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    Sask Interactive…..Citizen Journalism

    Megan Cole

    Blogged Live

    Talks about the use of Social Media in her personal life

    • Began blogging last year when she worked at the Olympics
    • Focused on sharing with family and friends
  • Flickr and tagging
  • Youtube
  • RSS
  • Delicious
  • Digg
  • Social networks…myspace, facebook
  • Citizen Journalism…public contributions
  • Discussion about transparency and the need for business to be aware if not highly involved in the use of social media
    Thoughts: Mostly discussing personal life….sounds a bit like mine…Still trying to figure out the audience. Someone asks, “why would anyone want to blog?” Not sure what they’re after or where they are at. As an educator I’ve presented similar content and tried to link it to educational contexts. It appears the trend is for audience to determine their own links and applications.

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    Put others to work for you

    Social bookmarking has been around for a while. I used ikeepbookmarks for years but there was little sharing. Furl was my first real use of social bookmarking. I used it pretty faithfully but didn’t do much sharing or looking.

    I’ve recently switched over to delicious and am pretty pumped. I suppose I could have done many of the things that excites me about delicious in furl but for whatever reason didn’t. So here’s what’s so cool:

    •  Networking… I can add whomever I wish to my network and have them collect some great resources for me. (0kay, they aren’t really doing it for me but I like to think of it that way)
    • John Pederson recently posted about this and asked folks to leave their del.icio.us names on his blog so he could add them to his network. I’d offer the same thing. Now over time, just like blogs, you have to decide how many you can manage and if folks are looking and finding resources that interest you but in general more is better.
  • RSS…I can subscribe to my network and wake up each morning to see what good things they’ve found
  • FireFox extensions….I’m quite happy with the
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    Bringing Social Networks to Life

    Ewan posted this and it provides a powerful message. I’d never heard of Bebo before but it would seem to fit into the myspace/social network sites of the internet. The video tries to look at what really happens in a social network. The good and bad are portrayed here. I think it really opens ups some great opportunities to discuss the implications of social networking with students. Even if you’re not fully aware of social networks, why not engage your students in this discussion. You’ll learn a great deal from them.
    [gv data=”ueRqGzwMjEI”][/gv]
    PS. If you’re teaching somewhere where youtube is blocked, there are ways to download youtube videos to reuse.

    Here’s one method:
    STEP 1:
    *Getting an FLV player/encoder.

    STEP 2:
    *Saving the FLV file.
    *If you use Mozilla/Firefox, this plugin will help you bypass a lot of this step.
    STEP 3:
    *Playing the FLV file.

    STEP 4:
    *Converting the FLV file into something else.… Read the rest