Podcast 37….Dan Meyer

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I have a Math folder in my Google Reader and it only contains two blogs: One is Darren Kuropatwa, whom I consider one of the finest models of using technology effectively with high school students. The other is Dan Meyer. Dan is a different cat (see this post to get the idea).  That’s part of his appeal but beyond his unique style he pushes my thinking.  I begin with this 30 minute podcast trying to learn Dan’s thoughts on assessment.  We had never talked before this so forgive any awkwardness which I’ll take the blame for but have a listen, leave a comment and hopefully Dan will agree to do a few more of these.

Show notes:

Dan’s Assessment stuff 

TMO’s blog

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Without any further ado, ladies and gentleman, I present David Jakes and the EdTech Posse

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Besides trying to see how long a permalink I can make, I used a phrase offered to me by John Pederson a short time before I met David Jakes in person. John told me that David loves people to announce his presence in public places which I’ve done a few times much to his dismay. David and I have since become quite good friends who natter at each other and in general try to harass and throw each other under as many buses as we can. I think I’m up about 3 buses and a video.

I asked David back in November to join the Posse for a podcast. He agreed, received his honorary mug and the recording found its home on Rob Wall‘s hard drive lo these many days. Apparently Rob has a life outside his computer and wasn’t able to edit and upload….until today. Not that this podcast is all about David but it’s just fun to lead him towards another bus.

So without further ado……just listen.
And here are the show notes:


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Presentations are almost too easy

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Today I made 2 presentations entitled “Are you Published?” for Showcase 2008.  You can get all the details including the slidedeck and the video (posted below, so if you’re planning to attend this session on Tuesday, this may or may do it for you). In most cases, I rarely walk alone, whether it’s a pre-call out for ideas or links, or live appearances, I have a plethora of resources that I can tap into anytime. Today was no different.

I invited Will to return the favour (btw Will, you still owe me a few more appearances) and share some ideas (about the 14 minute mark) about publishing which sparked some great discussion and questions. So he gets in from sledding with his kids and chats with us for about 10 minutes. I carry on. Then David Warlick watches via Ustream and at just the right moment (35 minute mark), skypes in to share his thoughts on Lulu.com ( I had asked David earlier so it wasn’t a purely random interruption). So I went to the back of the room, grabbed a water and allowed David … Read the rest


Stupid title but that’s what is for me…pure fun.

By chance I happened to be Winnipeg at another conference and was able to invade the MB BloggerCon. The event was casually put together and turned out to be a blast. About 60 people showed up and Andy Mckneil the president of their provincial technology group, organized and paid for the event. (The gave us full use of the bar, free wireless, snacks) Andy also did a great job filming and recording the entire event.  There were 5 unpresentations. I had to stick my big nose into the mix and show off my network. Alec, Jeff and Brian were able to skype in and talk very quickly but clearly, how the network works for them.

I would have liked to connect more with the others but as a guest, I felt the need to lay low. Very cool to meet for the first time Clarence, John and Chris. Nice to see Darren again. It felt like meeting old friends…oh yeah they are.

At any rate, it was great experience and pure fun. Paul Hamilton has remarked a few times about the fun I have with my … Read the rest

The tale of two PD sessions

Today I did 9 hours of Professional Development. My 60 minute drive began by listening to a great podcast with Jon Udell interviewing Gardner Campbell. Worth a listen. The morning and afternoon I spent showing about 25 teachers how to use Joomla to manage their websites. Pretty traditional PD. Lots of step by step technical support. Necessary but pretty boring. I did get to speak to 100 teachers in Grand Rapids during one of Will’s talks. That was the highlight of my day to that point.

After that I drove an hour south to the tiny community of Bengough where Peter Bell and many of his staff invited me to talk about “things Web 2.0”. I was careful to this to their stories, figure out where they were at and go from there. Peter had bought everyone a webcam and headset (he loves Skype) and so they were quite excited with their shiny new tools. I had no intention but realized I needed to leverage those tools somewhat. So I fired up a Ustream show.

With a quick tweet I had up to 23 viewers (there may have been more but I wasn’t always checking) and some pretty … Read the rest