Podcast 55 Ideas are Disposable, People Are Not

I said I would podcast more so I am. Just trying to be regular. 

Here are a few links to this podcast:

The sound is pretty raw. I recorded while walking the dog and there was a bit of wind. I used Audcaity's Noise Removal tool but I probably didn't use it correctly. It's useable but not great. Good thing it's only 7 minutes.

Also if you'd like to subscribe via itunes, this link will put them in your itunes library and sync to your device if that suits your fancy. 


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Podcast 54….Does Your Dentist Need to be Passionate?

Zac invites me to explore further my recent post and invites his friend Dave, who offers a different perspective. So we hop on Skype and talk. As a bonus, my daughter, a young teacher herself, joins us later on in the podcast to offer some of her own insights.  

I have to say, podcasting and conversation is a hugely underutilized format. The lack of ability to monitor, edit and delete ourselves and hear folks in authentic, real time conversation is something I’d love to hear more, but there are many types of dentists and you can get great professionals like the best dentist in Beaufort, SC that work in this area. So if you have 50 minutes, which I’m sure most of you don’t, you might enjoy this talk and find out whether or not your dentist needs to be passionate and whether this idea of passion is as big a deal as we sometimes think it is.  You’ll also learn what Zac will do for free. 


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Some thoughts on Rushkoff

Today I listened to this full interview with Douglas Rushkoff on Spark. Rushkoff's advocacy for everyone to understand code is something worth considering. There were three big ideas that I took from this interview. Perhaps not entirely new ideas but ones that were presented in a slightly new way. 

1. Being creators makes us better consumers

I know from experience that my time spent learning how to make movies has made me a more critical and also a more appreciative viewer. Knowing how something is made, even if we're not experts is valuable. In this case, Rushkoff shares how knowing programming and code even at a basic level will help us understand the technologies we use every day. When we realize how much time we all use this stuff, it becomes even more important than knowing the technical reasons but the moral implications as well. I remember in my Masters studies examining the question of whether technology can be neutral. I don't think it can and yet it becomes difficult to engage in that conversation unless you have an understanding of how it's designed.

2. We'll be  the last generation that understands digital and analog.

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EdTech Posse 8.1

We are now in our 8th year of podcasting. I could be totally wrong but I'm going to declare us as the longest running educational group podcast on the planet. If I'm wrong leave a comment and I'll retract.

We had a relatively quick conversation with Rob as Alec and I were in the same room planning for our workshop the following day. 

Here's some of the show notes:


Also, you'll want to listen and earn a coveted Posse Mug. Hey, I've now done three consecutive posts as podcasts which is a new record. I'm kinda diggin' the audio again and am actually planning to develop a workshop on audio design. Anyway enjoy the show.




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