I finally get Instagram

Like most new, emerging social media tools, I'm willing to give it a shot. Instagram has been around for a bit and I downloaded the app soon after it was launched but as a pure photo app, didn't really interest me. I found Camera+ for example to offer better tools and effects that met my needs and workflow better. In fact I became annoyed with the filterization of every photo taken with instagram. Watching people posting their filter filled images took me back 1997 when I introduced PowerPoint to grade 7's and saw them create slideshows using every transition, font and animation. Add to the fact that Facebook purchased Instagram and my lack of interest in that space, I had no reason to use the app. 

But I finally figured out, it has nothing to do with the app. Duh. 

Last week I keynoted the Saskatchewan Middle Years Conference. After sharing two keynotes and 3 workshops I had a woman come up to me and tell me, "I finally get you". Of course I asked what she meant but she said she uses twitter somewhat sparingly and was told to follow me and yet was confused but how I was … Read the rest

1461 and counting

It's been nearly 1,500 days in a row that I've been taking a photo a day. I don't think I've missed more than an handful of days over that time. I continue to learn and find it now to be truly be a part of me. I don't ponder whether I'll keep doing it, I have no reason not to. It's not a chore anymore. As I've mentioned often, it's a mindfulness that has taught me a lot of things. Each year I tried to add something to challenge myself. 2008, was my first crack at it so I kept it pretty basic. 2009 I tried to create one word titles for each of my photos without doubling up during the year. Last year was the crazy challenge of trying to attach a song to each photo. This year I simply allowed myself to add video as an option. I'm still pondering what I might do in 2012. I feel like I'm repeating myself which isn't all bad. The fact I still find the the way sun hits the 13th hole at the Hillcrest beautiful every time I play it is likely a good thing. Yet I'd still like to Read the rest

The year in photos, in song, to video

I've been taking a photo a day for nearly 1,000 days. I must say it's likely something I'll continue to do as I represents a wonderful way to tell the story of myself and my family. 

Last year I challenged myself to name all my photos of the day with a one word title and not repeating a word in the process. That was somewhat difficult but kept things interesting. The use of the daily shoot has been very useful for some, but I only use it sparingly since my priority is capturing our lives. For whatever reason, I decided that for 2010, I would attach a song to every photo of the day. That was not only challenging but time consuming and maybe even bordering on stupid. The stupid part comes from the fact that I know that at the end of the year, I take my photos and compile them into a video. (see 2008 and 2009) The video is something as a family we treasure more than any year end newsletter or summary could ever provide. The mix of significant, trivial and eventful photos truly give a sense of a year. The storytelling is indeed … Read the rest