Podcast 29…What Ian Jukes Didn’t Say

Trying to podcast while on the road, I wanted to add some points to Ian Jukes’ talk at NECC 2007. Overall, his ideas are good but there are some things that I felt should be clarified.

Show notes:

I’d didn’t say but would also include Ewan’s comment on my blog that address the digital native issue.

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Season 3 of the EdTech Posse

We’ve begun our third season of podcasting and I’m thinking this might be our best season ever.  In this episode  Rob Wall, Alec Couros, Heather Ross and I talk about twitter, moodle and more. There’s even a prize for listening!

There’s more detail over at the posse site, or you can just listen here.

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Who Said Anything About Technology? The BLC Experience

Imagine this: Take a dozen or so people who spend much of the personal and professional life immersed in technology put them together for three days and guess what they’d spend most of the time talking about. If you said technology or computers you’d be wrong.

BLC featured 600 educators from around the globe focusing on learning. That’s what the discussions in large part focused on. I was privileged to be able to spend time with the likes of Barbara Bareda, Bob Spankle, Sharon Peters, Ewan Mcintosh, Darren Kuropatwa, David Jakes, Joyce Valenza, Will Richardson, Trevor Smith, Chris Lehmann and Christian Long. These folks all represent passionate thinkers and educators who at almost every turn will speak about making learning better for kids. While they worry and lament about bad teaching and schools, they truly are excited about the possibilities.

Here are a few highlights:

  • Bob Sprankle…Podcasting with a Purpose…you don’t miss a chance to hear arguably one of the founding fathers of educational podcasting. Bob and Tony Vincent likely represent the finest example of how to use this powerful tool with kids.
  • Darren Kuropatwa…Darren and I have done
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