Inside the Cancer Video

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I was asked to produce a series of videos for an upcoming breast cancer fundraiser event in September. The concept was to interview someone who is currently in the midst of breast cancer, someone who has survived breast cancer and someone who has lost someone to breast cancer.

This video is of a local women who has terminal cancer. It’s challenging and a little nerve racking to be working with such a sensitive subject. The intent is obviously to tell her story in a clear and concise way and at the same time evoke the emotion that will get people to open up their wallets.

I Have Cancer from shareski on Vimeo.

I thought I’d take some time to reveal some of the reasoning and thought behind my production/design choices. I’ve always believed and have been taught that nothing should be random so hopefully I can address those choices.



The raw interview was about 12 minutes. I had a goal of getting the interview under 5 minutes. Determing what to cut was difficult. This is where you need an unbias eye to see if you’ve … Read the rest

Why Remix Matters

Compared to many, I have a limited understanding of copyright and copyleft. To add to my confusion is the difference between US and Canadian laws. Having spent some time with Michael Geist, listening to Lawrence Lessig and reading bits and pieces from others, I’m starting to understand the issues a bit better.

I do understand that remix has huge implications for how we learn. The old models of copyright just don’t work today for so many reasons. While debate over ownership and money are at the core of many debates, I like how Stephen Colbert battles Lessig in his usual irreverent way.

Even better are the subsequent remixes.
UPDATE: Thanks to Bill for the comment but you can see the video is no longer available due to copyright issues.  Slightly ironic.

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Michael Geist and the Posse

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Michael Geist is often referred to as the Lawrence Lessig of Canada. He is a law professor at the University of Ottawa and one of Canada’s utmost authority on technology law.

The Posse felt he would make a great guest so Alec and Rick and I spent the better part of an hour with Michael. Thanks to Rob Wall who edited the audio, but unfortunately could not join us in the conversation. Heather Ross, our other Posse member, was also unable to attend.

Image: Michael Geist – Why Copyright? – 4 by D’Arcy Norman
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What do you want to share today?

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Alec posted this link and while I haven’t fully digested it, there were a few key quotes that stood out,

Here’s an idea: put a sticky note on your desk that says, “What do you want to share today?” I’m not kidding. Then, if anything interesting comes your way: Share It! The easiest way to both start and keep sharing is by using different kinds of social software applications. Your first meme you want to share may be small, but you can amplify it with new technologies.

This is one reason twitter is so popular. Within a short period of time, you can build a network and reach an audience.  By the way, if you’re still not using twitter, check out this link, courtesy Matthew Tabor.

…Sharism is not Communism, nor Socialism. As for those die- hard Communists we know, they have often abused people’s sharing nature and forced them to give up their rights, and their property. Socialism, that tender Communism, in our experience also lacked respect for these rights. Under these systems, the state owns all property. Under Sharism, you can keep ownership, if

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My own interesting snippets

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Ever since I came across this set in flickr from Alan Levine, I’ve both admired and used several of these images in my presentations. Most recently I downloaded about 30 of them and simply ran them prior to a presentation.  Good way to set the mood.

I’ve consciously and subconsciously tried to recreate the idea a few times but decided today to begin a set of my own. Beginning with one I created earlier this month, I was inspired to capture a quote from the recent article in the NY Times on literacy. The quote isn’t necessarily true, it is a reflection of one perspective.

While I’ll likely continue to create images based on interesting quotes, I decided to scan my blog for recent quotes I thought were worthy of an image. Beginning with George Siemens quote about short attention spans and superficial learning. I went through an interesting process in finding what I felt was an appropriate image.

Using a Creative Commons search, I thought about searching for an image of multi-tasking. I found a few but felt the message here was not so … Read the rest