Time for a Revolution Assessment Dynamics

Here are my notes from 2 sessions I attended here in Saskatoon. I’ve added my thoughts at the bottom.

Time for a Revolution Assessment Dynamics

Rick Stiggins Assessment Institute

Saskatoon, Sk October 11-13, 2006

We assess to inform us about instruction and to encourage students to try

  • How much do we focus on encouraging students?
  • These reasons do not talk at all about rank and order

Two keys to good assessment: accurate and effective use.

Always begin by asking:

  • What decisions? What comes next in the learning?
  • Who’s making them? Students, teachers, parents
  • What information will be helpful to the students? Continuous, on individual progress towards standards

It is more likely students will hit clearly defined still targets that are clearly articulated from the beginning. If these are not clearly stated and communication…success will be random.

Accuracy must have purpose, good design and clear targets

Effective use must have effective communication and student involvement

Reasoning Proficiency Foundation of knowledge is essential

2 ways of knowing

  • Know it outright
  • Know where to find it The distinction in curriculum must be made to determine how much should be known outright and how much should be around knowing where to find it.

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