What about Audacity?

Ewan McIntosh (via his social bookmarks) alerted me to the PoducateMe website by Micah Ovadia. The website is touted as offering “practical solutions for podcasting in education.”

If this site is practical, then why is Audacity not included in the list of 22 recommended software options for podcast recording? Certainly that’s an extensive list of commercial products, but if the site really wants to be practical should a FREE, powerful, and cross-platform podcasting solution like Audacity be included on the list of recommended software recording programs?

I think so.

The website’s PoducateMe Guide is 186 pages long, and really does look fantastic. It is free to read online, and DOES include references to Audacity. On page 64 of the guide, the author writes:

Because it is free, multiplatform and easy to use, Audacity is often mentioned as an attractive option for recording and editing sound on both Macs and PCs. However, you will not be able to utilize dynamics processing plug-ins while recording with this software.

Certainly there are many limitations to Audacity, but the fact it is FOSS makes it more relevant and useable by educators around the planet than any other podcasting software alternative I’ve … Read the rest

Digital storytelling tools and TIME

Hello, this is Wesley Fryer from “Moving at the Speed of Creativity.” At Dean’s invitation I’m going to be guest blogging here this week, sharing a few thoughts and probably exploring a few new tools. I’ll start by thanking both Dean and Alan Levine for their modeling lessons on using Voicethread. Voicethread is one of many tools I’ve previously heard about and briefly visited, but not actually used or even seen in action until reading Dean’s latest post and playing his demo. Wow! Isn’t it amazing how the envelope of communication possibilities keeps getting extended with web 2.0 tools like this? Looking back at my social bookmarks for “digital storytelling,” I see that I saw and saved the Voicethread site last month on May 16th, but I haven’t been back to the site to explore or think about it until this evening.

Another digital storytelling (and specifically “podcasting”) website I’ve learned about lately (from Bob Sprankle) but not yet tried personally is PodcastPeople. As I work with teachers interested in helping their students create and share their digital stories, generally creating an audio podcast with a tool like Audacity is the easy part. The more complicated … Read the rest

Learning about operating systems

I am often on the hunt for great new podcasts, and today in my 3 or so hours of driving to and from Wewoka, Oklahoma, I listened to my first System Trash podcast. Yes, these guys are real geeks, but they are also fun to listen to and I learned a fair bit– even though I listened to an episode about an operating system I think I know a good deal about (Macintosh OS X.)

The podcast series focuses primarily upon different variants (distributions) of Linux, and the slogan of the show is:

Ain’t no system we can’t trash.

Interestingly, I don’t think the podcast about Mac OS X ended up being very “trashy.” These guys obviously have a LOT more perspective than I do about operating system differences– and they definitely found more to like than trash with the Free-BSD based Macintosh OS X.

The much anticipated (and perhaps much dreaded) upcoming release of Windows Vista from Redmond is going to make the next 6 – 12 months quite interesting in the operating system world. As virtualization software continues to improve and more educators (including IT support staff personnel) begin to see the light of open Read the rest

Dean and Family’s Excellent Adventure

Dean and his family are having a great vacation in Montana, and will be soon (if they are not already) enjoying Yellowstone National Park. He dropped me an email today with a link to his family blog, “The Shareski Blogging Experiment.” Dean’s daughter Martha is also blogging about her vacation experiences separately. Looks like an excellent adventure is being had by all so far! 🙂… Read the rest

Great Geek of the Week sites

Bob Sprankle’s “Bit by Bit” podcast is one of my favorites to listen to, and I always enjoy the “Seedlings” episodes that Bob creates collaboratively with Cheryl Oakes and Alice Barr. Today in my 4 hours of driving to and from a small school in southern Oklahoma, the last three “Bit by Bit” episodes were some of the first podcasts I listened to. Bob, Cheryl and Alice generally share “geek of the week” sites, and I was particularly interested to learn in the first part of their latest series about Delibar (a del.icio.us desktop client for Mac OS X) and Roy: Tale of a Singing Zebra. I’m sharing a workshop with teachers on interactive whiteboards this Thursday, and I’m going to use Roy as an example of great, free digital curriculum now available online that is perfect for classrooms equipped with interactive whiteboards!

Thanks Bob, Cheryl and Alice for continuing to share your discoveries and educational journey with us all!… Read the rest