Twitter as a Creative Outlet

This post was last updated on July 11th, 2014 at 10:06 pm

It’s no secret if you follow me on twitter I don’t take it all that seriously. In case you don’t know what I mean, I created this video I sometimes share with new followers warning them of my intent.

While most educators talk about twitter as a great place to develop a personal learning network and even as a Professional Development resource, I enjoy the opportunity to be creative. The constraints of 140 characters is fuel for creativity. When you’re sharing a link or resource, the process is pretty straightforward. But when you’re trying to communicate something of more depth or even tell a story, those constraints make you work hard. With any tool, it’s important to understand and appreciate both the limitations but also the affordances. Real time interaction is powerful feature. This is one of the reason chats are so popular.

I like trivia games. A few years back I tried to play a version of “name that tune” on twitter. I would upload a few clips to a storage site and then post them to twitter using the #namethattune hashtag. It’s always interesting to … Read the rest

Archiving Twitter

This post was last updated on February 14th, 2018 at 08:28 pm

When I first started using twitter 7 years ago, it was largely viewed as a frivolous space of drivel. For many it still is and I’d be the first to admit much of the time spent there is exactly that and I’m as much of a contributor to that as any. And yet….


For a long time I viewed twitter as a throw away tool, conversations and streams of consciousness that wasn’t worth saving. As time evolved I found myself searching through past tweets to recall a salient thought, link or idea that would often lead to deeper thinking. I’m still amazed at how many times I remember a tweet that is several years old and thinking about what may have transpired in my thinking as a result. These tiny documentations of life and ideas are much more meaningful than I would have ever expected 7 years ago. You would think after accumulating over 80,000 tweets that once in a while, there’d be something useful there. 😉

There were a few tools that sort of helped make this easier but most were clunky and unable to find … Read the rest

The Impact of Twitter on Blogging

This post was last updated on May 6th, 2014 at 10:33 pm

After a recent post by Graham Wegner, who I've been reading for at least 5 years,  and the ongoing thoughts I have about the impact of twitter on many things, I decided to send out a quick poll…via twitter.

Have you or do you blog regularly? How has twitter impacted this?

What I thought I would see was quite different than what I got. My contention has been that twitter is taking away from blogging. Twitter offers an easy way for people to participate and has a more immediate, instant community. Twitter was snack food, blogging represented a full meal. Blogging can be extremely time consuming for many as they languish in the pursuit of eloquence and accuracy, holding true to the traditional notion of publishing. Fortunately for me I've neither worried about any of those things as my few readers can attest to. 

While the interactions on my blog hasn't decreased, I know more and more of you visit because of links on twitter as opposed to the good old fashion RSS feed. That's a poll for another time. I suppose it doesn't really matter how Read the rest

A week sans twitter

This post was last updated on May 6th, 2014 at 10:33 pm

So I took a week off of twitter. Outside of some DMs that came to my inbox I never checked it. I peeked at Facebook a couple of times, again, only to respond to a few messages.

What did this teach me? Not much. I’d like to report how it reawakened my senses to the wonders of nature or gave me time to find a cure for cancer or some other noble endeavor. I suppose it did help me focus on my family a bit more but I’d like to think I’ve been working on being better with that anyway.

For me twitter has always been like your favorite social gathering place. Be it a coffee shop, pub, church, community center or neighborhood twitter is where I drop in and shoot the breeze. It’s mostly for the trivial but occasionally something of immediate value, but in truth, never a waste of time.


Breaks from any routine is good but I don’t, and have never looked at twitter as a negative experience. I realize many struggle with its perceived invasiveness and superfluous chatter. I like what Jeff Pulver said … Read the rest

So You’ve Decided to Follow Me on Twitter

This post was last updated on May 6th, 2014 at 10:33 pm

I'll notice that during conferences, I'll often get a barrage of new twitter followers as a result of someone giving a presentation or workshop and suggesting to some new folks that I might be worth following. While it's kind and flattering that others might recommend me as someone to follow, I've always had some reservation about that. In workshops, twitter is shown as a powerful and great way for educators to connect with smart and like minded people. In many cases, these are educators new to the social networking particularly for the purposes of learning. The fear I have is that I represent the very reason many people think twitter is ridiculous. 

I frequently optimize the very essence of the banal tweet. 

So when a stranger reads that anticipating they might glean some insight or wonderful resource, they're likely a combination of disappointed, confused or annoyed. Sure, if you're following me, you might now by now this is par for the course. I will post the occasional mundane tweet but hopefully with a dash of humor or cleverness. Not always, but I try. If I bring a smile Read the rest