My Personal Assessment

I’m a huge proponent of self assessment and it’s also important that I model that. With that, here is my assessment of my second section of teaching EDIM 516 at Wilkes University.

While I certainly improved from my first effort in spring, I still have lots to learn. I try to communicate that often with my students and encourage their feedback. I’m never sure if that makes them feel more comfortable or less knowing their instructor doesn’t always know what he’s doing.

Let me break down my assessment in a few categories.


It’s a 7 week course and that’s not something I can change. From what I read in a Bubble Cash review, each week there is a new topic. I used the first 2 weeks to introduce the concept of digital literacy and also to introduce some tools to support curation. The next 4 weeks explore an emerging topic. Thus far I’ve had students explore: Network Filtering and AUPs, One to one computing/BYOD, Flipped Classrooms and Gaming and Gamification. I chose these topics because I know lots has been written about them and they contain a certain amount of controversy. The final unit is a chosen topic … Read the rest

If You Hate Doing Assessment, You’re Doing it Wrong

Screenshot_4_27_13_11_30_AM-5For many teachers, grading and assessment are the duties of teaching most would rather avoid. I get it. For many these things get it the way of learning in that they are contrived , mandated, artificial and time consuming. My personal evolution with assessment is well documented here but as I continue to tweak my workflow and process have to come see this has a powerfully enjoyable experience. For my students final assessment here was their task:

Tech Tasks
A simple summary and assessment about the quality, consistency and timeliness of your work. Grade yourself between 20-30% percent of the course.
Grade yourself between 15-25% Use a rubric or your own standard based your favorite blogs. Be sure to reference the criteria discussed on the course assignment page.
This will be a challenging one for some of you but the core of this will be your interview with your mentoring teacher. I would like a report that highlights your involvement as well. Grade yourself between 20-30%
Social Learning
This will be about a one page report answering the 2 questions: What did I contribute to the learning of others? and What did I learn from others? 10-20%
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Evernote as an Assessment Tool

I wanted to share how I’ve been using Evernote as an Assessment Tool.

I used Explain Everything on the iPad to create this video. I apologize the audio is not great, not sure how to improve this as I tried yelling, and using a headphone mic.

I’ll be sharing more about how I do the self assessments although I’ve written about it here but I do love the ability to record audio and have a more “conversation like” experience with my students.

Update: I forgot to mention, I email the note back to them but you could share notebooks as well but this way, they don’t have to have an evernote account.… Read the rest

My Self Assessment

I just completed my self-assessment as part of working at Discovery Education. Every employee, I believe has to complete them. Essentially, I develop my own goals, and my own measures and then complete my own assessment. My boss consults with me, helps me decide what’s reasonable, has conversations with me about them and supports me to achieve them. 

I could stop right now and leave you with that thought as you consider both how you assess your students and how you as a professional are assessed. 

I looked back at a few related posts so I don’t repeat myself. These provide more detail on my thoughts about professionals, accountability, and assessment. As you might see, I’m fairly passionate about this topic. 

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Follow Up to a Rant

I figured that Discovery hired me because they think I can do good work. I work with many talented people who inspire me to be better and offer me feedback on ways I can improve. Much of the work I do is public and available to the world. This seems like a simple formula Read the rest

Talking Assessment with Howard Rheingold

It's always a pleasure to chat with Howard Rheingold who is one of those yodas in education, technology and networks that I've followed for many years. Howard wanting to interview me about some of my work around assessment for the DML Central blog which by the way has some great interviews and posts there you'll want to check out. 

You can find the full post there but I thought I'd put the video here in case you wanted to check it out. 


Assessment: Turning a Blunt Instrument Into a Powerful Learning Tool from DML Research Hub on Vimeo.… Read the rest