Do We Have to Draw it That Way?

My wife teaches grade 2 and has all her students choose their own theme day. She spreads these days our throughout the year. Earlier this month one student chose Legos to be the theme. My wife had her students draw themselves as Lego characters. She had them use this image as a pattern.

As her students started to work,┬ásome of the girls asked if they had to draw it that way. My wife wasn’t sure what they were asking but soon some of the boys completed their drawings and she understood their question better.

There’s a lesson in here somewhere, just not sure what it is.

On a side note, this post was prompted in a weird way by my friend Steve‘s return to blogging. Steve was one of the very first blogs I followed back over a decade ago. Back then, educational blogging seemed┬ámore niche. People wrote about new tools and apps and conferences. I have to admit, I soon began to see these kinds of posts as less important. I tended to gravitate more towards posts that appeared to have more depth. Knowing Steve as well as I do and having the privilege of working with him over the last 4+ years, it was amazingly refreshing to read that post about ISTE. Hearing his voice, his humor as I read made me realize that was such a big part of what attracted me to blogging in the first place. Then reading Amanda’s reflection about a conversation we had last week, pushed me to think about sharing and writing about conversations, experiences and reflections I have more regularly. Blogging’s appeal to me is that it’s personal. I know too many smart people like Steve and Amanda and many more that teach me not just because they’re smart but because I know them.

So I share this goofy story from my wife knowing there’s no real lesson here other than it’s a funny story. I own this space and can do as I please. I choose to share this. Enjoy.