2014: My Year in Numbers

Pretty basic stuff here. I simply copied the keynote template I used for last year, changed the data, replaced the images, tweaked a few builds, exported it to imovie, added some music, published to youtube and voila. Having all this data and doing nothing with it seems a bit pointless. Not that anything gets over analyzed but it’s another means of reflection. In addition, creating ways to visualize and add a little life to numbers is something I think we all could do a bit more with. It’s still not as polished as the original inspiration but it serves a purpose I think. (PS, Dan, I’d love you to make more of these)

As stated in the video, for the first time I created more video this year than I wrote blog posts. This continues to show the shift in the way we communicate and tell stories. As much of a fan I am of data, I still use it with caution and intent.

What data to you collect? Why? I wonder if we might want to consider using tools like infographics and videos to make our own data more appealing, interesting and potentially useful? George thinks it’s a good idea even if Alan thinks it’s a little goofy.