2013 The Year in Photos

It’s that time again. Time for me to gather all the photos of the day I took and compile them in a video for you to watch. Actually, I have no expectation that you would watch but I do enjoy putting this together for my own sake and mostly for my family and since many of you are in it and I’ve shared many of these moments online, I think it’s fine to share the final compilation. I’ve been taking a photo a day now since 2008. Every since I saw D’Arcy Norman do the same in 2007, I was inspired to give it a shot. I can truly say it’s one of the best things I do. I’ve spoke often of the mindfulness of the habit. While I’m fortunate to be able to go to lots of new places I love looking for subtle and interesting things that others might miss. I still see, looking back that I repeat myself often and while I’d love to think that each day offers something new, it’s also true that routine can be beautiful and worthy of capture. Trying to make the ordinary, extraordinary is a creative challenge. I also have strong concerns with those that argue that all this photo taking is making us miss out on the moment. Phooey. I get what they’re saying but looking back at my photos I recall the moment, the days and the stories they conjure. They become shared stories for our family and those I share my life with. I don’t feel regret when taking photos at events. I capture photos mostly for me but yes, also to share. This end of the year summary helps to connect the dots.

Mapped Photos

Here are my past efforts: 2008: No theme, just take a photo a day. 2009: One word titles 2010: The crazy attempt at attaching a song title to every photo and the ensuing video compilation. But go watch, even the first part to see what I mean. 2011: Adding occasional video to the mix 2012: Same as 2011 After the first couple of years I thought about quitting. I’m glad I didn’t and don’t see myself ever stopping. . I’ll admit I didn’t take as much time in editing this video as I’ve done in the past. The images tell the story of my year and that’s really enough. So if you have 18 minutes here you are, If not, thanks for stopping by and reading.  I’d encourage you if you’re not to try something like this. If you’ do something similar, do you do anything with them or just enjoy taking and sharing the daily/regular photos?