February 2, 2013

Some Blogger That I Used to Know

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In September I was in Idaho and posted that I had left my Mac dongle in Idaho and that that phrase had the making of a great country song. Scott Leslie thought so too. Then earlier this week Mark Dunk was inspired by another of my tweet about being in Texas in Paul Wood’s Lexus. Now tonight it was my turn to become a song writer. And once again: “even the stupidest creative acts are still creative acts.” Clay Shirky 

Done. To fully understand the context, I’ve been bugging Alec for a while about his lack of blogging. To his credit, he’s picked up the pace a bit. I’ve slacked off. This is a lame attempt to get back into it. Use this video as a reference. PS. If I was in this band, I’d be the guy on the right.

Now you sing along. When you’re done, write better lyrics in the comments.

Now and then I think of when you started blogging
Like when you posted ‘bout the CBC archives
I decided I would add your feed
You become of one my favorite reads
But that was then and it’s an ache I still remember

You got addicted to a certain kind of postings
Like all the awesome little videos you shared
So in 07 when got on twitter
I never that it would make you bitter
But now it seems as if your blogging days were over

But you didn’t have to cut us off
Pretend that no one ever reads a blog anymore
I don’t even need your blog
Cause you treat it like a website that’s been left to die
You may have had a bad workflow
Writing drafts but deciding later they were just no good
You may have felt you didn’t need them though
Now you’re just some blogger that I used to know

Now you’re just some blogger that I used to know
Now you’re just some blogger that I used to know

Now and then I think of all times you could have posted
All the stuff you tweeted that should have been explored
But the twitter got in the way
Robbing us of all you had to say
And you left us wanting so
And now you’re just some blogger that we used to know

Then one day your brother George got into to blogging
He wrote like Fryer posting almost every single day
He became the Principal of Change
At first it wasn’t all that strange
And the leeeeder thing began to show
And you become just another blogger that I used to know