If only you’d watched for 8 minutes

I added a little fun for those who stayed with it for 8:35. Skip ahead and see what I mean.

Congrats to Kelli Francis who wins the gift card and a copy of my daughter's CD. 

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  • Cori Saas

    Dean, Your yearly videos are in my top five favourite things that you do. I value all the ways that you share your life. I’ve never met your kids but I know more about them than their names. It was a story about your kids that helped me make a difficult decision about Jess and a year on an exchange program. We live in the same city, seldom see each other, but likely we know what the other is BBQing, what soccer field we are playing on or what valley we looking upon. Your family makes me feel home. Here, in your 12 mins & 2 secs I am enveloped in family-love-stories. This is a real space where all of you so effortlessly allow to me to live & story alongside you, everyday. And there’s just no better code than sharing. Thanks, Dean.