2012: One Minute a Month

Jan 09

This is year will begin my 6th year of taking a photo/video a day. Every year I've tried to find a theme that carries me through. 

2008: No theme, just take a photo a day. 

2009: One word titles

2010: The crazy attempt at attaching a song title to every photo and the ensuing video compilation. But go watch, even the first part to see what I mean. 

2011: Adding occasional video to the mix

2012 I didn't really add much. With the new job and all I had enough going on. However, I have typically created a year end video with all 365/6 images and while that's a great document to have, I realize it's not all that watchable. 

So my video this year is taking highlights and making a minute a month. It's still 12 minutes,  but I might actually be able to get my family to watch the whole thing. I also used fewer golf and conference photos this year to appease their criticisms. With all the travel I did  this year, I did include all the locations outside of Moose Jaw. If you have 12 minutes, here it is. 

I'm still thinking about a theme for 2013, if not I'll just keep going. Day 1,827 and counting…

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