Connecting High School Teachers

I'm spending the day with teachers at Dakota Collegiate in Winnipeg. They've been doing some interesting work over the past couple of years and have asked me to come spend the day with time exploring their current and future practices. I'll be sharing a talk entitled, "Why Is Social Such a Big Deal?" I'm going to look at Social from a pedagogical, professional and community perpsective. 

With regards to social and professional, I asked twitter to fill out a simple form.  Feel free to add to it. Here is a map with the current particpants which is nearly 100. 

Here's the full list. If you're reading this you're likely pretty well connected. Perhaps you know some high school teachers who would appreciate having a look at various folks and some of the links they've shared to either their twitter accounts or classroom and professional sites. Even if you can this list by subject and find 1 or 2 new people to follow or watch, that would be useful.

Thank you to all those who took a moment to complete the survey. I hope you also can find a new connection or two.