August 8, 2012

A week sans twitter

This post was last updated on May 6th, 2014 at 10:33 pm

So I took a week off of twitter. Outside of some DMs that came to my inbox I never checked it. I peeked at Facebook a couple of times, again, only to respond to a few messages.

What did this teach me? Not much. I’d like to report how it reawakened my senses to the wonders of nature or gave me time to find a cure for cancer or some other noble endeavor. I suppose it did help me focus on my family a bit more but I’d like to think I’ve been working on being better with that anyway.

For me twitter has always been like your favorite social gathering place. Be it a coffee shop, pub, church, community center or neighborhood twitter is where I drop in and shoot the breeze. It’s mostly for the trivial but occasionally something of immediate value, but in truth, never a waste of time.


Breaks from any routine is good but I don’t, and have never looked at twitter as a negative experience. I realize many struggle with its perceived invasiveness and superfluous chatter. I like what Jeff Pulver said at the #140edu event last week. He reiterated how valuable and human these loose ties are; how simple greetings and acknowledgment of each other is critical to our humanity.

So I’m back. Did i miss anything? Just so you know, I deprived you of many great wedding, shopping and other family tweets. I should have written them down somewhere but now they are just lost. I did miss you. Did you miss me? 😉