July 9, 2012

Comment Save

When I talk to my students or anyone for that matter interested in blogging, I always discuss the importance of commenting on others work. In fact, I even developed a term I occasionally toss out called commposting. While I've not kept up the statistical side of tracking this, I have tried to maintain a 3-1 ratio of comments to posts. That doesn't include twitter and facebook commenting either. 


The struggle I've had for years is finding some method of maintaining or tracking comments. Many of the plugins/tools I've used required an extra step of logging in or some other awkward configuration that I'd either forget or not bother with altogether. The one I'm using of late is working really well. It's a Chrome extension called Comment Save. While I still subscribe to discussions at times, this allows for a quick reference of comments I've made or want to go back to at a later date. I don't use it religiously but do think it provides a nice way to manage and maintain your information or digital footprints. It seems to run seamlessly in the background. Of course the downside is that it only works in the Chrome browser on my laptop. I'd love a universal application that worked across all browsers and devices. 

Any other methods or tools for tracking your online interactions?