March 10, 2011

How to Find a Needle in the Haystack

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A Needle in a Hay Stack

Next month I'm doing a session for our local teachers

SESSION OVERVIEW: “How to Find a Needle in the Haystack…make your job easier by finding quality content and resources online”


This session will explore various techniques, tools and concepts that will begin to address the “information overload” that comes from the access we now have via the Internet. We’ll play, explore and talk our way into new learning.

Like I often do, I'm good at coming up with session titles and descriptions without thinking it completely through. Surprise, surprise.  I have a few ideas but yours are probably just as good. 

So pretend you're doing this session. Pretend you have 90 minutes. What would you do? Or what ideas/tools would you be sure to explore?

Creative Commons License photo credit: MSVG