365 Podcast Episode1

I have no idea if this is the first and only, or the first of many podcasts all about the photo a day project. Tonight it's me D'arcy Norman and Alan Levine talking about a little passion we all share. Have a listen. If you have an idea for a future podcast or just would like to join us/me sometime, leave a comment. 


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  • Just another way to share. Despite not being able to actually engage in the conversation, I was pretty drawn in. This is my first year doing a 365 project, and as you all mentioned, I was introduced to the idea through Twitter.

    For me, like Dean said, it’s a way to tell a story; a way to remember that day. I have began to look at it as my journal. I take pictures of everything around me. It’s not just about my family, or just about school, or whatever, it’s about my life and everything that is a part of it. Heck, I’ve even taken a picture of TweetDeck, not a screencast, an actual picture. It’s a compulsion, as Alan eluded to; I can’t help myself. I’m not taking nearly as many pictures as you all do. I try to get 5-10, at least, each day. Other days I scramble. My life just isn’t that exciting all the time–but I do look forward to being able to look back at it and remember each of those individual days.

    I have to say that I wouldn’t be doing this if I had to use an actual camera everyday. My phone makes it easy and convenient. I have an EVO and the camera does quite well. I like to use different apps for different effects. I’m a major hack-photog, but then again, I’m not taking these pictures for all to adore. I’m actually surprised that people, on Flickr, have actually left a comment or two.

    I’m not sure I’d have any stunning insight to any of this, but I’d love to give a noobs perspective if you ever do another podcast on the 365 projects. See you February Dean.

    • Thanks Jeremy, A noobie show would be a great idea.

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  • Zoe

    I enjoyed listening to your podcast – the idea of Flikr groups allowing us to sort, find and share pictures, the idea of artists (amateur or not)expressing themselves with photography, the idea of an on-going projects vs a one off, the idea of mobile use…
    I have never been all that confident about my photography, but perhaps maybe I can be one of those people that you speak of, “Making a photographer out of people that aren’t…”. I just need to get an IPHONE4 first.

    I’ve always like the ideas of podcasts and sharing (hence my Livescribe project) and I do plan to share this and the ideas behind it with my current students.
    Thanks for sharing Dean.
    p.s. @aforgrave would be a great guest on your show.

  • Nancy

    Since the 365 is such a visual medium, do you think at some point you might do an enhanced podcast for the 365 Podcast?

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