March’s photos of the day set to music

Since I decided to attach a song title to all my photos of the day this year, I've added a fair bit more of work to the project. While the project isn't intended to be work, this is mostly a personal challenge for me. I've enjoyed it for the most part and have usually had no difficulty finding a song but at times it's been tough. 

Knowing that the end of the year I'll put together a montage, I started thinking about this immediately and testing out two possible methods. The first method didn't work at all for me. Thanks to some great feedback I think I found the best way to share the photos.

Either way, I didn't want to leave this to the end of the year as I've done in the past. So I figured I needed to establish a work flow that will take some of the sting and time out of production. Anyway, here's a continuation of where I left of in February and includes all of March's photos.


I'll write another post outlining my workflow.

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