Are we insane?



Imagine it's 1991. A principal of a large school has students that are doing some really nice writing and art. Imagine of a large publishing company comes to the school and wants to try something different. They offer the principal a chance for every student in the building the opportunity to publish any or all works of their choice. They'll publish these books of writing and/or art and distribute them to libraries and book stores all over the world. And they'll do it all for free. The principal listens to their offer and says, "No thanks."

Now imagine you're a parent of children from this school and find out about the offer and the principal's decline of that offer. Would you be satisfied with that or would you be marching into her office and find out if she's gone completely insane?

Are we insane for not accepting that same deal that every school on the planet has been offered in 2010? I've heard a few arguments about publishing today but seriously, if your child, in 1991 was offered a chance to have their work published, would you not jump at that chance? I get that perhaps not all work is worthy of publishing but I can't imagine many students, principals or parents who would have passed up the offer back then.