Let’s Try This Again

Last month I posted my first effort of picture of the day set to music. I had some wonderful suggestions on how to improve it and so I implemented the most common suggestion of fading in and out each track.

I switched to Final Cut Express since I have more control and can use multiple tracks. I have to admit I still feel like a novice in that program even though I’ve used it for a number of projects. Keyframing in particular is something I don’t have quite right yet and need to learn a few more shortcuts to improve my work flow.

I also found it much better to use Audacity to edit each music clip and bring them into FCE after that. I would say overall this is a much better product but maybe you disagree. I’ll be happy to take further suggestions on improvement. It took more time I think so I’m weighing that as well. This isn’t even a full month as it includes the last day of January and photos up to February 20th.

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    26 February 2010 at 10:02pm
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  • Very nicely done, Dean. Seems to me, this is the way to learn something. Find a motivating factor and then engage. I’m sure there’s a longer post here about the topic. And lots for us to consider as educators who have students doing this type of learning on their own rather than in most of the institutions of education, sadly.

    Two items to highlight.

    1. I’m concerned about the “Let’s Get Physical” song when Tim Lauer’s picture came up.

    2. The white shorts look real nice when all zoomed in like that. Maneater indeed.

  • Sue Davis

    Now that was fun to watch and listen. Thumbs up for creativity!

  • Dean,

    I’m amazed at the amount of work that you put into these projects, but I love the fact that you continue to learn new techniques and skills. Better flow than January.

    If you ever come to New Hampshire, round of golf on me – no gators, just a lot of woods!

  • I love the “Clean Up” scene. I wonder what it was that was spilled and who spilled it. Loved the croc/maneater part, too.

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  • Wow! Awesome job! Your second go at it was much smoother. There was no buffering issues when I watched it this time and the transitions were very smooth! I love how you found music to match each picture. Mr. Sandman made me laugh! Where do you get your music? This would be a great project to try! I would love to take this idea to one picture a day during my first teaching job 🙂