December 30, 2009

The year in Photography

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For the second straight year I took at least one photo every day. I published almost 2500 photos to flickr in 2009. I have no measurable way of determining if I'm a better photographer or not, but the value of cheap failure leads me to believe it's likely. That's certainly one goal of the project but others include, documenting our lives, playing with images, seeing the world differently and learning from others.

I'm currently working on a video of all the photos which I'll post here on Friday but did a quick analysis of the subjects of my photos.


Nothing too surprising here much of the data was very much like last year. I did notice a few images that were very similar. All my photos of the day were named with a single word. That in itself was a challenge. It's hard to be creative every day. I haven't decided about 2010.  I'll leave you with my top photos of the year.









Last year's video was a great treat for our family and I'll post the 2009 edition here as well. If you're up for 25 minutes of more of this along with some great music by the young lady holding the coyote, we'll see you Friday in 2010.