Podcast 47…When You’re Not the Smartest Person in the Room

This is the audio and the slides from a presentation for SIAST Virtual Campus. (Note: the slides are from another presentation so if they aren't totally synced that's why)


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  • G'day. Listening to your podcast and hearing your mention of the sessional work you are doing with Regina University, I just wanted to congratulate you on your approach and use of virtual learning and web2.0 technology. Through a dear efriend of mine, Lorraine Leo my year 11 accounting class (in Australia) was connected with one of your students Ally. She spoke fluently and well to my students who were so quiet in the chat window as they were intent upon hearing what she had to say and coping with her accent. However, over time, they relaxed and asked lots of questions. To her great credit, Ally watch the chat and answere those questions with ease.
    My students were rather shy about using a microphone with her, so Ally had to do the talking. She was amazed when they said they didnt want to go to unversity and she told them how wonderful it was and how much fun. That was highly motivating for mine. Anyway keep up the great work and thanks for making sessions like this possible for my class with one of your student.s

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