Fun with Twitter: Lesson #31

Here’s just another really silly, useless but somewhat fascinating use of twitter. Not necessarily any educational value but pure fun.


Step one: Find someone at a sporting or other large event.




Step Two: Offer a challenge:



Step Three: Watch and wait:



Step Four: End with laughter, joy and acknowledgement of a well completed task.






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  • The expressions are priceless.

  • Diane Main (Dowbiggin)

    I love how the guy in the back is like, “Um, I want my hat back.”

    Is it just geeks like us who find this funny and awesome?

  • Will Richardson

    As the photographer, I demand that you take down these spurious photos of our friend Chris.

    On second thought…Nah. I want my beer.

  • Wow, no cavities. I’m impressed.

  • Never let it be said that I am not willing to debase myself in the name of a good joke.