Screen Splitr

This is screen splitr

iphone on the screen

Screen Splitr, originally uploaded by shareski.

I downloaded ScreenSplitr for the iphone to display my iphone on a screen using Apple AV cables.

Previously, these cables only enabled you to play video from your iphone. Another reason to jailbreak your iphone.

I may use this feature from time to time in presentations.

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  • Dean,

    Very cool! Alas, my provider does not sell that wonderful phone, so I’ll have to settle for the iPod version. I can only imagine that we and our students will be making great use of this type of tool more and more–very exciting!

  • Nice! I am a BB user, however you cannot do this without jailbreaking your iPhone? From the above screenshot, I notice that you are not using the referenced A/V cable. However, this app is just another reason for me to switch over…


    Maliks last blog post..Virtual Worlds….

  • Malik,

    Sorry, I had the wrong link. It’s fixed now. Should be these cables:

  • @Malik As it exists, you’d need to jailbreak. But, it would be interesting if an educational institution developed and deployed something like this via their own provisioning profiles, negating the need to jailbreak for their own users.

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